Our Mission

We as a group of medical professionals committed to sustain and improve health care among underprivileged and vulnerable community in Sri Lanka and Australia through providing medical facilities, health care promotions , and training facilities to healthcare providers. In order to achieve this, we aim to

  • Create training opportunities for medical and allied health staff and students affiliated with the Jaffna Medical Faculty.
  • Improve healthcare facility in hospitals affiliated to Jaffna and Eastern medical faculty, Sri Lanka.
  • Liaise with other chapters of the Jaffna Medical Faculty Overseas Alumni (JMFOA) to cultivate international relations between alumni.

Upcoming Events

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Short video on covid projects.

Recent Projects


land for Children Hospital

We supported on getting new land for Children Hospital at Innuvil -Donated $5000.

$5000 Donated



Wellbeing center

We have already contributed University of Jaffna VC fund to set up the Well Being center.

A$18,641 Donated